Benefits of indoor Kokedama's

We passionately believe that being surrounded by plants brings tranquility and calm into your living space. However, in addition to this, there are a number of scientific studies that prove that plants remove harmful substances in the air.

Unfortunately in many places our indoor environments are up to 10 times more polluted that outdoors. Buildings use paints and chemicals, have air conditioning, improved insulation, and energy-saving measures. These all reduce air exchange in buildings, so we breathe the same air again and again. There are well recognised studies that demonstrate that being in these spaces can cause headaches, nausea, sore and itchy eyes, loss of concentration and other ‘sick building’ symptoms.

Plants help remove many of these harmful contaminants and also absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. This obviously reduces your carbon footprint but also the increased oxygen level refreshes the air - and you! This can lead to increased concentration and productivity (in various studies between 10%-15% increase).

So, what are some of the best houseplants to improve air quality?

Kokedama houseplants dissolve dangerous chemicals in the air such as benzene and transform carbon dioxide into life-giving oxygen. The Tranquil Plants range offers some of the best ‘Fresh Air’ plants available. OK, so if you have read the information at the links below and specifically the recommendations from NASA, the ideal houseplants to improve air quality are :- Fern, Palm, Spider plant and Dracaena (dragon plant).

The qualities of Tranquil Plants fresh air plants :

Fern (birds nest) - Humidifies air, purifies air by removing formaldehyde found in living spaces of new or renovated homes with new floors, walls, carpets, etc.

Palms - Removes mould from air usually in bathrooms or damp areas of home.

Spider plant - Purifies air by removing formaldehyde, toluene and xylene found in living spaces.

Dragon plant (dragon plant) - Purifies air; removes formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and xylene found in living spaces. Releases trichloroethylene, perfect for bedrooms to refresh nighttime air.

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