COVID-19 🦠 Impact on Australian growers, wholesalers & end consumers.

Sadly, the plant and floristry industry has not been immune to COVID-19.

The positive point on this matter is growers, wholesalers and nurseries have had unprecedented increases in sales due to people being stuck at home and/or quarantined and trying their hand at all manner of plant and flora pass times, but these times have had huge impact on the niche operators like myself and other small businesses.

Where large landscapers and nurseries have the buying power to snap up large quantities, most wholesalers we have access to are limiting the numbers we can purchase where good stock is available. Some of our wholesales look like ghost towns where usually they are thriving jungles of product.

Further to this, with the demand for plants being so high throughout this pandemic, growers have had no choice but to sell smaller/premature plants to meet this demand. Whilst I can still purchase these products, I have chosen to be picky and ensure that my product does not decrease in any way, shape, or form due to these unprecedented times. I would rather give bad news that I cannot obtain a plant and offer an alternate as opposed to using a smaller/premature plant.

I hope you all understand that as a small business my reputation is my biggest asset and turning out inferior product poses to much risk to my brand.

Thank you,
Sarah 💚




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