Reusing Kokedama Balls ⚰

Plants die...

Sorry to be so blunt but it is the truth.

We can care for them like they are a part of us but sometimes they just die. But instead of throwing away your whole kokedama and putting it down to being a silly plant, reuse the kokedama ball!

When I make a kokedama, they are built to last and if you have followed my watering instructions, you should still have a strong kokedama ball.

Because my husband loves to think he is a green thumb, whenever I have had a kokedama ball to be repurposed, he grabs it and put something silly in it (strawberry bushes, coffee tree, parsley... surprisingly he hasnt tried to shoehorn a grapevine into one) so I will post some how to instructions soon. In the mean time, worded instructions will have to do.

1. Remove the dead plant (RIP ✝).

2. Using a long, thin but blunt ended object (bamboo stake, flat head screw driver, etc), dig away the main central part of the remaining soil.

3. Turn kokedama ball upright and shake out soil.

4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until most of the soil is out.

5. If you get really keen (husband forcing me to put this one in because he came up with it), put a golf ball sized rock inside and shake around (not too hard or it may break down the insides) then repeat step 3.

6. Using a funnel, fill the kokedama ball with fresh new soil. Tap on flat surface to allow soil to flatten out. Repeat this step until you are nearing the top.

7. Remove new plant from nursery pot and shake off excess soil.

8. Insert new plant into kokedama ball.

9. Add more soil as required until soil fills to opening.

10. Water as necessary.

11. Enjoy your kokedama 2.0. 

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