Care Instructions

Each plant purchased from Kokedama Collection is supplied in a healthy condition with “care instructions” – if at any stage you are unsure of how to care for your plant you can send me a message and I will offer my advice. 

Unfortunately, sometimes I hear from customers by the time it is too late, they send me a message and say I have tried XYZ and my friend told me to try this. 

PLEASE, if you are unsure, message me. I do not want you to
feel disheartened, I want you to have a positive experience owning a Kokedama.


It is recommended all Kokedama are watered through the top – as you would with a normal plant. This way you are ensuring the water is going down through the roots, you are also in control of the amount of water supplied and you will not have any messy

One last thing and equally important – do not “over love” your Kokedama or any indoor plant – this means over watering. I hear so many stories about indoor plants being over watered…observe your plant, it will tell you if it is happy or not!

There are a lot of water meters available from hardware stores, florists etc..


Just like your furniture, you plants will accumulate dust on surface of their foliage. Now in nature, the wind and rain would do the heavy lifting, cleaning the foliage with each downpour. But at home, its up to us. Apart from making your plants look a little less vibrant, the layer of dust will block the sunlight and prevent the plant from photosynthesizing to its full potential. 

...Wipe your leaves down with a soft cloth. We recommend spraying the plant with a natural leaf shine like Neem Oil, and then wiping down the leaves after spraying. 

For plants with pubescent (leaves covered with soft fine hairs), do not wipe with a cloth - this can damage them. Instead, take a very soft brush like a duster and gently swish over them.

- Source: Paraphrased from Plant Runner

Water can also be used where Neem Oil is not available, however be sure to wipe off any standing water on leaves as it may cause damage.

Fine Print

These instructions are personal opinion having tried and tested on my own personal plants.

Alterations to methods or complete different versions are not incorrect, simply are not the way I suggest.

Whilst I would love to be able to give point by point information to keep your kokedama alive forever, this simply cannot be done as plants, like any living item, have a mind of their own so you will need to parent your kokedama.

All information I give is general by nature and does not take into account yours and/or your kokedamas individual situation.

- Sarah 🌱💚