WellBeing Creativity Feature

Some measure success by money, fame, or trophies. For this little business it is a little bit of fame but moreso the fame of kokedama more than my business. When I started out making kokedama it was pre-Covid, the world was 'normal' and I did it for fun. Then the world turned on its head, or unraveled like my rolls of twine do sometimes, and people were popping up all over the place doing their own creative wares.

It has never been about selling more, being better, or who has the biggest name when it comes to kokedama, but when I was contacted by WellBeing Editor, Lauren Clarke, who wanted to do a piece on me and kokedama I felt a sense of pride that our, and by our I mean the whole kokedama community, had been noticed. Not just as a pretty floral arrangement but as a mindfulness option in this world of chaos.

Do not take my word for it, grab a copy of WellBeing Creativity Book #7 and read these amazing articles, do some adult colouring in, and relax with your favorite warm or cold beverage.

💚 Sarah x

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