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Kokedama Collection Aust.

Everlast Flower Arrangement (Australian Natives), Large Kokedama

Everlast Flower Arrangement (Australian Natives), Large Kokedama

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Everlast Flower Arrangement (Australian Natives)

Size | Large

We say that no two kokedama's are the same which is true - they are a living creature. But the Everlast range is next level again! I cannot share my secret recipe of how I arrange these, bit like Macca's Sauce and Colonel Sanders.

What I can tell you is I am very excited about this range. They are so versatile, beautiful, striking... I mean the superlatives are endless, a lot like these arrangements. Enjoy!

Sunlight | Well... just do not put somewhere it can get set on fire I guess? 

Care | Do not kick, throw or man handle. These guys are delicate!

Water | None. These guys last for a very long time without any water.

How to Water | Don't, just don't water them.

Questions | Refer to the FAQ page. If you still have questions, please contact Kokedama Collection

 * Images are for display purposes and may not be exact kokedama. We are perfectionists so never be concerned that the images will be a mile away from the real thing and as all are hand-made they will always vary. 

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