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Kokedama Collection Aust.

Custom Orders, Small Kokedama

Custom Orders, Small Kokedama

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If it can be wrapped, it can be kokedama'd*

We spend a lot of time at various nurseries (too much according to my husband) looking at options and ideas. Sadly I only have two hands and a limited size trolley so if there is something you want wrapped (whether you alread own or need me to source) please contact me to discuss.

If the desired plant cost more than our standard range, we will contact you do advise any price changes. 

Some examples of custom orders and one-offs for your viewing pleasure! 🌱

*Kokedama'd will not show up in any dictionary... but it works!

Whilst not all of the images have our tags on them, rest assured this is all work I have made with my hands 💚💚💚

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