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Kokedama Collection Aust.

Bamboo, Large Kokedama

Bamboo, Large Kokedama

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Panda's love bamboo. Bamboo looks cool. Kokedama's look cool. Panda's are cool. The only thing left in the puzzle is a cool person to own one of these stunners!¬†ūüźľ (The kokedama, not the Panda... although they would be fun to hang out with!)

Sunlight | Part-shade 

Care | Keep soil moist but not soaked. If unwanted canes begin to grow cut them back to top of kokedama, same with suckers if they grow.

Water^ | Approximately 2 cups (large) per week. Keep well-watered until established.

How to Water | Refer to Kokedama Care. If you still have questions, please contact Kokedama Collection

 * Images are for display purposes and may not be exact kokedama. We are perfectionists so never be concerned that the images will be a mile away from the real thing and as all are hand-made they will always vary. 

^ All plants vary in their needs for watering. They do not follow a rule book. It is the owner’s responsibility to adapt their watering processes and amounts to suit their kokedama. The amounts/periods listed are a guide only. If you are experiencing problems or concerns please contact Kokedama Collection as the only silly questions are the ones not asked which result in an unhappy kokedama.

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