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Kokedama Collection Aust.

Philodendron Hederaceum "Heart Leaf", Medium Kokedama

Philodendron Hederaceum "Heart Leaf", Medium Kokedama

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Philodendron Hederaceum "Heart Leaf"

If you’re having black thumb problems with your current houseplant, it’s time to switch to the Heart Leaf Philodendron.  The Heart Leaf is one of the easiest plants to maintain and is virtually unkillable. It’s perfect for first-timers, busy folks, and anyone who finds plant care a challenge.

Sunlight | Well-lit away from direct sunlight.

Care | Trim the vine to shape/length you are desiring. When pruning, the cuttings can be put in glass jars with water to sprout roots.

Water^ | The golden rule when watering your Heart Leaf Philodendron is this: never overwater.  Allow the surface to dry more during winter and keep lightly moist during spring/summer.

How to Water | Refer to Kokedama Care. If you still have questions, please contact Kokedama Collection

 * Images are for display purposes and may not be exact kokedama. We are perfectionists so never be concerned that the images will be a mile away from the real thing and as all are hand-made they will always vary. 

^ All plants vary in their needs for watering. They do not follow a rule book. It is the owner’s responsibility to adapt their watering processes and amounts to suit their kokedama. The amounts/periods listed are a guide only. If you are experiencing problems or concerns please contact Kokedama Collection as the only silly questions are the ones not asked which result in an unhappy kokedama.

Collection of Kokedama | Loving handmade, your Kokedama is to be collected from Netley in South Australia 5037. Unfortunately due to the nature of the product we do not ship interstate.

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